About MyLifts

Celebrating over a decade on the web, some of you may well remember us as Rideseek, the first Internet service of its kind that allows for free travel or for significant reduction of travel costs for people worldwide by matching drivers and riders for common trips formed into notably named Yo!Rides which developed into EuroLift considered the most elaborate in a report by Department of Transport, 'Motorist forum' in 2002.  

Extensive research carried out in 1999, by Wharton School of Business assisted the applications embryonic stage of development before finally evolving into MyLifts. Our team continues to work in collaboration with the business industry and UK educational establishments to combine our experience and dedication to sustainable travel planning. This allows us to pay special attention to highly specialized enhancements for your online security. These are just a few ways we've been able to go above-and-beyond to serve you over the years since we set up in mid 90's.

MyLifts is an interactive journey planner design to give you access to a wide selection of travel alternatives and tools to promote environmentally friendly travel. According to Forrester Research, travel sites are currently the most expanding and the "hottest" area on the Internet. MyLifts enables us to continue to offer a wealth of practical and realistic solutions. This social network offer a secure access to an growing number of people sharing journeys locally, regionally or nationally across the UK.

In recognition of all members' support and contribution since 1997, we'd like to just say a very BiG THANK YOU.



Supported by Wharton University, a renowned school of business .



International Association of Web Masters and Designers for excellence.

Winner: Urban Renewal 2001

Winner: Carplus Rideseek .2001

Winner: Golden Web 04/05

Finalist: New Statesman Award, .
Nominee: EuropeanStockholm Challenge,
Nominee: International Tech Museum of Innovation,

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