MyTravel Plan Solutions

Business solutions for event organisers, communities and large organisations.

We understand we all need to travel whether it's for business, work or leisure. A Travel Plan Solution is something an organisation can now include as part of an ethical approach to cut costs, improve facilities management or organise events.

More than just a car share….It’s a Travel Solution

Different journeys require different travel choices. That’s why we've developed solutions to help plan journeys, solve transport issues, manage car parking as well as improve your green credentials. MyLifts is a leading model in development of journey matching services the car share application is built with people in mind, drawn upon the public's real travel experience both good, and the not so good. You’ll have access to sustainable travel planners, geographical and data management specialists.

Mylifts offer an integrated transport solution to provide you, your staff and community with a user-friendly, inexpensive, manageable service that’s more than, just a car share…

One Stop Solution for Greener Travel and Transport Plans.

Streamline travel planning Support measures and initiatives.
Optimize car park space. Cycling, walking other sustainable transport.
Monitoring, survey and reporting. location maps & multi media solutions plus more.
Easy set up a travel solution in minutes. Profile match, car calculator.
Meets planning obligations. Co2 emissions reduction.
Safety and secure access. Minimum administration, .
No installation required. Technical support and assistance

Free download. Save, print and display Poster at your work, club or event.

Discover how MyLifts can be incorporated into your website, intranet or standalone and supported by a range of solutions such as maps, video and mobile alerts. Ask about our competitive range of cost effective packages and bespoke solutions. Contact Us with your requirements.

Good for business, Good for the Environment and saves money too!

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