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Your Security

Car sharing can be a rewarding and enriching experience. There are, however, some precautions that all sharers should take before embarking upon a carshare:

  1. Try not to give out your home address on this site to other users, there is no need for others to know to where you live, always arrange to meet in a public place and swap mobile numbers for convenient communication;
  2. Ask to see a driver's licence and if you have a mobile phone then text the driver's name, registration and car details to a friend or relative before getting in the car, no driver should object to this reasonable precaution, if they do, then refuse the lift!
  3. If, when your lift turns up any of the details they disclosed on this site turn out not to be true, e.g. differnet name, different gender, different car details then refuse the lift and report the discretionby completing an abuse report in the Contact Us section of this site..

In addition to these precautions that you can take we also have taken some important steps to enhance your security:

  1. We have ensured that no other user or site visitor has access to your personal details other than the essential information required for the purposes of securing a carshare. Your email address is private and all messages sent to and from you go via the messaging centre on this site. We store a transcript of all messages sent by users on this site, they may be retrieved in the event of complaints.
  2. Whenever a user registers or logs in we record the IP address of the computer that they are using. This means that we have the ability to supply authorities with this address and they can, in turn, identify the exact computer on the exact network that was used for that session on To make all users aware of this fact we print the user's IP address on the Logged report in the top left of every page.
  3. When you agree to a carshare we reveal the other user's real name and car registration if they are the driver. These are details that you can confirm before getting into a car.
  4. We have made the site more secure by not allowing any logged in sessions to remain unattended for more than 5 minutes, this means that if you are away from your computer for more than 5 minutes and another user tries to hijack your session or masquerade as you then they will be logged out automatically.
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